Direct Positive Photographic Paper from Harman Technology

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Just when you thought no one was developing new photographic papers, Harman Technology Limited announced they are making three new B&W silver gelatin photographic papers with positive emulsions. This is great news for pinhole enthusiasts and anyone interested in making sharp in-camera positive originals. With a high contrast emulsion (equivalent to a 3 1/2 to 4 paper grade) and available in sizes from 4×5 to 11×14 inches, the paper may also be used in large format cameras, or any other camera where the photographer needs a sharp direct positive. It’s available in RC Glossy and Luster finishes, as well as a traditional glossy fiber base.

Originally designed for a walk-in room sized camera called the IMAGO 1:1, the papers are now available for general release. Susanna Kraus, owner and daughter of one the giant inventors, finds the paper adds to the artistic process of making life-size portrait images directly on the paper.

Things to consider: because of the higher contrast of the paper, users may want to pre-flash the paper to slightly lower the contrast. Paper speed is around ISO 4-6. The paper is processed in conventional black and white paper processing chemicals with the only difference being the safelight−the product requires the use of a deep red Ortho safelight. Oh yes, and since it is a direct positive paper, writing will be backwards! This is easily fixed if you scan and flip the positive original. The paper is available for purchase right now through the Harman Technology website at and they have an extensive and well-written technical sheet on the product on their website.