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When DARKROOM TECHNIQUES was introduced to photography enthusiasts in 1979, film was in its heyday. Everyone owned the newest SLR camera and lenses and used black and white and color films. A large percentage of serious photographers had their own darkrooms and made their own prints too. College photography departments overflowed. In 1984, the magazine changed its name to DARKROOM & CREATIVE CAMERA TECHNIQUES, clarifying the importance of capturing latent images on film before printing them in the darkroom.

In 1996, the magazine morphed into PHOTO Techniques, exposing the infancy of digital imaging while holding onto the tradition of darkroom, film and chemicals. Finally, in 2010, photo technique Magazine again changed its name and brought its advanced hobbyist and semi-pro readers a mix of technology, showing how to achieve professional results while navigating the sometimes-difficult digital learning curve. It also showcased the work of photographers in a portfolio format.

Film, digital, and everything in-between

photo technique is changing ever so slightly to again meet the needs of its readers. We’ve listened to your feedback. Going forward, you’ll start to see more technical articles that demonstrate how to use modern imaging tools. In the 21st Century, these tools might include pinhole to large format cameras with traditional film, digital capture HDR, and everything in-between. You’ll continue to see all forms of photography in the pages of photo technique. Today technology is blurred and creativity and curiosity take over to create meaningful photographs.

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As a photo technique subscriber, you’ll be introduced to the work of visionary photographers from around the world, and their thoughts on making their art. The next photographer we introduce might be you. Finally, we’ll continue to present articles on the history of photography, with critical commentary and insight on important photographers and their work.

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