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People always make fun of New Jersey. Of how it’s crowded, dirty and dull. But, there are a number of locations in NJ that are stunningly beautiful and present an observant photographer wonderful opportunities. This image was made up around my school in Northwest NJ on a wonderful August evening, after class.

I had a teacher who once worked with me for a number of years, who had hard fast rules about images she would critique. Two of them were ‘no flowers’ and ‘no sunsets.’ As you can see, I don’t have rules.

About the Author

Andy Schmitt
Andy Schmitt is a Photographer and has been the Department Head of Photography for Peters Valley School of Craft for 13 years. He has been involved in photography for 45+ years, in both a full and part time manner. Professionally, he has also been a micro photographer, chemist, systems designer and web programmer but always photography and the potential of image making techniques available, were lurking in his mind. Andy works in most forms of traditional, alternative and digital photography, both lensed and otherwise. Andy’s work has been exhibited and collected in the USA and overseas.