Archival Methods

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Today 13″x19″ is considered a normal size for presenting unmounted digital prints. While there are a lot of 13″x19″ presentation boxes out there, the Accent Gray Portfolio by Archival Methods is certainly worthy of consideration.

The portfolios have a three-sided internal tray with a folddown cover for easy access. The 13 1⁄4″x19 1⁄4″ inside dimensions allow for easy removal of the set onto the clean cover interior for viewing and a clean, easy return into the box. The box interior is lined with white archival paper. The 13″x19″ box is one inch deep and it holds approximately 70 fiber-based sheets.

The 13″x19″ Accent Gray portfolio is charcoal gray with a black tray. Boxes of smaller formats (9″x12″x1″ or 9″x12″x2″) offer trays in a variety of other colors to identify specific portfolios.

Cost is very reasonable, with a purchase of 1–9 13″x19″ boxes at $37.47; 10 or more at $35.60 each; and $33.75 each for orders of 50 or more. Archival Methods will also customize or personalize orders of 100.