Film in the Age of Digital Domination

Kodak's New Ektar 100 Color Negative Film
written by: Abhay Sharma, Paul Sergeant

Kodak was once the giant of the photographic market, with a legacy stretching back to the 1880s. The company reigned supreme for a century until the advent of digital technologies challenged their position. Kodak slowly recognized the power of digital and has been investing in digital cameras and media. Yet even when we all thought f ilm was dead, Kodak has released a new film type—something that no one would expect. Why would a company that is closing f ilm plants release a new f ilm? Kodak has recognized that some users continue to use film, and through careful analysis Read more »

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Learning to Manage Color Correctly: Density vs. LAB

PHOTO Techniques, Mastering Digital Techniques, 2003
written by: Abhay Sharma

Photographers have used density measurements for many years. Density is routinely used for process control, measurement of negative and positive film, and plotting a characteristic curve. However, the days of using density are numbered. There is a new kid on the block—called LAB— which is a three-dimensional color specification system. Most new systems tend to work in LAB, including all color management applications and Photoshop. In the new world of imaging, where we measure color on many different media— film, inkjet prints, CRT and LCD computer monitors—LAB is more versatile and useful. In this article, we’ll illustrate the difference between Read more »


Kodachrome: The Film that Changed the Way We See

written by: Abhay Sharma, Paul Sergeant

Kodachrome was a beautiful film– bright vivid colors, low grain and images that jumped out of the screen and filled the projection room with the awe of mountain landscapes, close-up portraits and children playing on backyard swings. After a successful 74-year run, Eastman Kodak announced in June 2009 that it would soon discontinue sales of Kodachrome. It’s interesting to take a look at both the history and science of this remarkable product. The Leopolds Kodachrome was not the first color film (color photography had existed with techniques such as Autochrome and Dufaycolor), but Kodachrome was the first practical film for Read more »