Florida’s Wild Places

written by: Bob Schwabik

Clyde Butcher moved with his family into the heart of the Big Cypress National Preserve in 1993. He purchased 13 acres of swamp with a two-story dwelling surrounded by wild orchids and irises in the middle of a cypress strand. Today, you can sit on his back porch and watch alligators. Clyde has recently been named a Guardian of The Everglades and through his photography he lets people see the natural places of wild Florida in a new way. We sat down at Clyde’s studio and gallery in Venice, Florida for this conversation in February 2013, the day before the Read more »

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Photographing Living History

Reenacting the Civil War
written by: Bob Schwabik

During the early battles of the Civil War (known in Virginia sometimes as The War of Northern Aggression) people would pack a lunch and travel by carriage to view the battles. Throughout the U.S., but primarily in the Mid-Atlantic states, you can still pack a lunch, get in your (horseless) carriage and bring your cameras to reenactments of Civil War Battles. In Virginia, several of the reenacted battles occur on the original battlefields and are accessible for both viewing and photography. One of the better photo-ops is in the Shenandoah Valley. It is the Battle of New Market staged on Read more »