Photographing from a Kayak

written by: Chuck Graham

Some of my most memorable experiences with nature take place within my kayak. I can reach coves, beaches, rock outcroppings, and other locations otherwise inaccessible on foot, and paddling stealth-like makes me more acceptable to wildlife that would flee in most other situations. I’m also a photographer, so my two pastimes eventually went hand-in-hand. Shooting from a kayak offers photographers access to unique landscapes. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hiked to a high spot on a island and seen a potentially beautiful islandscape from above, only to become frustrated be- cause I had no means of getting Read more »


Images Made in the Mountains

written by: Chuck Graham

I left my truck at 1:00 am at the top of the Whitney Portal Road, headlamp burning bright on the North Fork Trail leading up the Mountaineer Route, to photograph Mount Whitney in the Eastern Sierra, CA. I wanted to shoot that glorious early morning alpine glow on the Mount Whitney massif. I was allowing myself plenty of time to hike up the gorge, rock hop over Lower Boy Scout Lake, and scramble across moraine fields and talus slabs up to that breathtaking mountain landscape. As the sun crept above the Inyo Mountains to the east, the east face and Read more »

chuck graham, sand dunes

Chasing Shadows

The Art of Photographing Sand Dunes
written by: Chuck Graham

Northwest winds finally relented after midnight, so I was anticipating natural works of art the following morning, 90 minutes west of where I live in Santa Barbara, CA. By the time I arrived at my destination it was still dark but I could hear the surf crashing on the windswept deserted beach at the Guadalupe—Nipomo Sand Dunes National Wildlife Refuge. The largest intact coastal dune ecosystem on the West Coast of the U.S., the refuge is one of my favorite places to photograph because of its 500-foot-tall dunes that ascend straight out of the Pacific Ocean. Stabilized by consistent northwest Read more »

Jesse Alexander, Chuck Graham, sports photography

Jesse Alexander

Iconic Images of Moto Racing's Heyday from a Master Photographer
written by: Chuck Graham, Jesse Alexander

Strolling through photographer Jesse Alexander’s Carpinteria, CA studio of black and white motor racing images is like taking a step back in time to the sport’s infancy. Mostly self- taught, Alexander has been a photographer since high school, evolving into a photojournalist and fine art photographer. His primary focus on motorsports began in the early 1950s, with the birth of the sports car movement in the United States. The walls of his studio are adorned with portraits of legendary motor racing personalities and dramatic action imagery throughout Western Europe and America. Racecar drivers such as Phil Hill, Alfa Romeo, Johnny Read more »