iPhone Meets iPad

Apple's Two Coolest Gizmos Unite to Make Photography Easy and Fun
written by: Dan Burkholder

And in the Beginning… In this wacky, adrenaline and pixel driven world of digital photography, we’re witnessing something close to a reinvention of the medium rather regularly. In fact, this article looks at new hardware and software that, without exaggeration, really does represent a new beginning in the way we capture and edit our images. When Apple introduced its first iPhone in 2007, many of us were amazed at the list of jaw-dropping features the new gizmo sported. We could browse the web, send emails, and synch our calendars and address books, all while talking on the phone. But few Read more »


iPhone Photography

The new Polaroid-Holga for the 21st Century
written by: Dan Burkholder

And in the Beginning My personal iPhone journey started on Thanksgiving of 2008. Waiting eagerly for my other-network contract to expire, I couldn’t wait to browse the web, have visual voice mail, sync calendars and address books, play games and…oh, and it had a camera. I was initially dismissive of the iPhone’s camera. It was low resolution, fixed focus, and had no control at all. You know where this is going. Slowly but surely, I was seduced by the iPhone’s ease and accessibility. The image quality worked its way into my photo- graphic heart. The software (“apps” of course) was Read more »