On the Road

written by: Harvey Stein

Woman in Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina I took my students to this world famous cemetery to photograph the tombs and buildings that closely surround the cemetery. Eva Peron is buried here. We went on a Sunday morning in February, 2012, summer in Buenos Aires, and it so happened that there was a major burial about to happen. The richest lady in Argentina was being buried, as a result, there were throngs of media and people milling about waiting for the ceremony to begin. This woman was standing beyond the crowd, I liked her bearing, strong look and colorful attire. Read more »


Harvey Stein

written by: Harvey Stein

“I am always interested in photographing photographers photographing. They (we/I) often look so strange doing it, whether lying on the ground, bending over backwards in strange contortions when we really don’t have to, or stretching to greater heights to shoot our masterpieces. At Coney Island, there was this photo booth (now long gone) that I’d often check out to see if anything interesting was happening. And this afternoon there was. At first, all I saw were the legs and that’s what intrigued me and that is what I photographed. I eventually saw more, but I’ll never tell.”