Altered Worlds: Photo Encaustic Part II

written by: Jill Skupin Burkholder

Beyond the Basics A photography student showed up on the second day of an encaustic workshop with a huge smile on her face. After learning the basics on Day One, she had gone into a local art supply store that evening and roamed the aisles. “For the first time,” she said with a grin, “I felt like I belonged there.” I knew exactly what she meant. As photographers, we share a history of chemistry, foul concoctions and magical toners but rarely do we get the chance to enjoy a stroll through the paint aisle, having our imaginations tickled by the colors Read more »


Photo Encaustic: Part I The Basics & Beauty of Beeswax & Photography

written by: Jill Skupin Burkholder

The Touch of Wax A pivotal moment came years ago when I spotted what seemed to be a large dark silhouette of a tree shining through a window-shaped opening in a South Beach hotel lobby. Like someone in an old movie looking across the room and falling recklessly in love, I was spellbound. It was a photographic art piece by Doug and Mike Starn. Its luminescent detail was something new−and the light passing through the tree was mesmerizing. “I think it’s wax,” said my all-knowing husband at my side. I wanted to know more. History of Encaustic Encaustic painting, or Read more »