False-Color Infrared

written by: John Custodio

I bought a Canon 5D about two years ago and had it modified for infrared by, which installed a 715nm filter over the sensor, allowing only deep red and infrared light to pass through. My initial intention when I started shooting digital infrared was to convert the images to black-and-white. When I used to shoot film, I sometimes used Konica’s infrared, which I scanned to make black-and-white inkjet prints. Since digital infrared images are still color images, they can exhibit a “false color” effect caused by the different response that each of the red, blue, and green photosites has Read more »

john custodio, piezography

Exploring the World of Piezography

PHOTO Techniques, Sept/Oct 2003
written by: John Custodio

 I started doing digital imaging in 1994. I bought a computer equipped with Photoshop and worked on negatives that I scanned. It was a fairly steep learning curve, but I soon became proficient. Having done conventional darkroom work in black-and-white and color for many years, I knew what I was looking for in the images I worked on. I began to appreciate that the amount of control I was able to exercise over the images I created on screen was far greater than what I was able to do in a conventional darkroom. Epson Stylus color printer A few months Read more »