Air Show Photography

written by: Kevin A. Pepper

An air show has this emotional effect. Maybe it takes you back to our childhood aviation fantasies, or maybe it’s the raw speed. Whatever the reason, it’s an excellent day out with friends, family and your camera. As with any photographic genre, there can be real expense. Your gear can range from discount specials to the ones that breaks the bank. You know the kind, the long lenses that leave others with lens envy. No matter what gear you own, remember, it’s not always the gear that takes the great photo, it’s the space between your two ears that will Read more »

Kevin A. Pepper, digital panning photography, panning

Digital Panning Photography

written by: Kevin A. Pepper

The skill of panning photography is going to take every ounce of patience you have. Almost every person I have talked to about this type of photography has told me that it wasn’t until they saw that “one cool photo” that they had that “AHA!” moment. I was 13 when I stumbled upon this. Yes, stumbled−sometimes ignorance is bliss−and as a 13-year-old trying to freeze images with high shutter speeds, my lack of knowledge produced an image that gave me some ideas. Back then our family had a miniature poodle named Brandy. He was a bolt of white lightning when Read more »