Fame is Narrative

written by: Kevin Moloney

What makes the difference between a recognized artist and a dabbler, an amateur or a dilettante? I am sure there are formulas, Ph.D. dissertations and many entire books on the subject. I’m not writing this as an expert, only an observer. And I’ve been observing the case of Vivian Maier, a long-time amateur street photographer whose work was only discovered by accident in 2007 and attributed to her shortly after her death in 2009. Her images were uncovered by a few auction buyers who purchased her negatives−they were intrigued by the images. Through their efforts her work has since been Read more »


The Heyday

written by: Kevin Moloney

This is a sermon, so feel free to mutter an occasional amen or shout hallelujah. And like any congregation of believers, you probably already know some of the things I’m going to say. But we are here to reinvigorate our faith, so please be seated while I take the pulpit, thump the mike and clear my throat. You are living in the best time in history to be a photographer. It may not seem like it considering the ever-present industry bad news. But Horace Greeley, a 19th Century journalist and inveterate forward thinker once wrote, “The illusion that times that Read more »