Digital, Film, and Resolution: A Test

Canon's 50D's Resolution Approaches that of High-Definition Film
written by: Neil Lipson

It’s been f ive years since I tested the resolution of the Canon 10D digital SLR against that of f ilm. At that time, the 10D was about $1,500 for the body, and I found that film offered about twice the resolution of digital, depending on the lens. Times have changed. I just had the pleasure of testing the new Canon 50D against the same f ilm, the same lens, and the same resolution chart. The results were impressive. The film camera was a Canon 630 with a Canon 50mm ƒ/1.8 lens; the digital camera was a Canon 50D, hot off Read more »


Making Plant Still Lifes: A Simple Approach

written by: Neil Lipson

Having taken thousands of photos of African Violets and Gesneriads, I have fine-tuned a method of photography for them.  In reality, this approach can also be used for almost any kind of small plant photography, and for many types of other small still-life photography such as jewelry, machine parts, you name it. In this article I will demonstrate using African Violets as the subjects using a simple backdrop set up and on-camera flash. Materials /Gear Used • Black cloth for backdrop • A home made setup using any low profile art work case, such as the Mezzi line of cases Read more »