Why You Need High-Quality Tripod Ballheads

written by: Nick Zavalishin

WHO NEEDS A TRIPOD? You do! Regardless of the camera you use, your photos will be sharper with a good tripod/head combination. Besides our own shakiness, cameras produce multiple vibrations every time you release the shutter. SLRs, the pro shooter’s favorite, are the most prone to vibration-induced image softness. Every time you release the shutter, the mirror swings up and comes to a sudden stop, the lens diaphragm is jolted to the selected aperture, and a shutter curtain opens, coming to a sudden stop. This sequence begins a fraction of a second before your exposure, and the vibration it causes Read more »


A Commercial Photographer’s Viewpoint

Bridge and Raw Improvements Lead Changes
written by: Nick Zavalishin

By the time you read this, Adobe already will be shipping Photoshop CS4. If you have not downloaded a demo version yet, I strongly suggest doing so; the enhancements to workflow, along with improved stability, definitely make it worth investigating. The Bridge CS4 component has become a much more robust application with a redesigned user interface that I find makes navigation and use easier. Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) have also had some significant user-interface updates. I will go over features and changes that directly affect the way a commercial shooter may choose to work with it. An evolution One Read more »