Black and White Conversions

written by: Peter Tellone

Styles come and go in everything, even photography. The latest style for black and white seems to be a very high contrast model. The method I want to demonstrate harkens back to a different time, a time when total tonality was king. No I don’t want to live in the past and even though giving an image a wide tonal range might take its cues from the past, it also allows you to use tonality for artistic purpose. Figure 1 In the past when I did my black and white conversions I believed that preserving the luminance (Lightness) of the Read more »

peter tellone, off camera flash

The Real Flash Lives of the OCF

How To Use Your Flash- Off Camera
written by: Peter Tellone

As a photographer you know that great photos depend on great light. We also know that great light is either found or created. For portrait photographers the problem is that their subjects may not be available at a day or time that great light can be found, so it must be created. You can do this by using Off Camera Flash or as it is commonly known, OCF. You could use the flash on your camera but that generally doesn’t lead to pleasing results. You aren’t able to create the beautiful shadows that are part of great light that way. Read more »

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Shooting the Impossible

written by: Peter Tellone

I love my cameras because of the possibilities that they hold, but sometimes I feel cheated by them. They always have, first with film and then digital, captured what the film or the digital sensor was capable of “seeing” but not what my eyes saw and I have always known there is a difference. Because of that difference there were beautiful things that I could not capture because of the limited dynamic range that film or digital sensors had compared to my eyes. One of these impossible things was including the sun in the frame and not intending to have Read more »