Alien Skin Exposure 5

written by: Steve Dreyer

I often look at my twin lens Rolleicord and old Kodak and Nikon F3 film cameras that sit proudly on the shelf in my office. The shelf is situated to my left as I walk towards my desk where I have all my digital equipment−almost to remind me of the way it was! There was just something special, even magical, about the feeling I had when I picked these cameras up to photograph something and later went back to my darkroom or over to a custom lab to see the images come to life. But now I use DSLRs and Read more »


Turkey and the Art of Travel Photography

written by: Steve Dreyer

There are many articles on travel photography that hit the usual “hot button” checklist, but many photographers want to make their images more unique than the typical photos seen in travel brochures or on the web. This article is about my recent trip to Turkey and how I approached several situations in the field. Turkey had never been on my list—until recently. A country divided between Asia and Europe, it seemed like a great place to make interesting images, even of often-photographed locations. I wanted to capture historical, cultural and modern aspects of the country during my trip. I spent Read more »


The Art of Creative Blur

written by: Steve Dreyer

As a photographer you strive to get it “right” at the time of image capture, so that you have little or even no work to do in post-processing. But there are times when it’s just not possible to technically achieve your vision in the field. Let’s say you want to draw the viewer’s eye to a person, objects or areas in the image by using depth of field techniques. You can create the field of focus by using aperture priority and a large (low number) f-stop with sharp focus on the object you want to stand out. Focus on the Read more »

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A Post Processing Approach With Photoshop, Lightroom and Nik Plug-ins

written by: Steve Dreyer

Photographers want to spend most, if not all of their time making photographs. Even though post-processing is a fact of digital photography life, they sometimes shudder at the thought of developing a routine approach to it. I admit that I once fit into the above category. While I loved making photographs, I was often frustrated by the amount of time spent in the digital darkroom. One day I decided to explore ways in which I could create the images to match my vision at the moment I pressed the shutter, but in less time and with more consistency. An efficient Read more »