The King’s New Suit of Clothes

From Modernism to Post-Modernism
written by: Tom Millea

Thirty years ago the very nature of photography changed. A completely new paradigm emerged and was installed in less than a decade. The change was radical and complete. The photographic community abandoned everything I knew as photographic art and substituted another new set of beliefs. In one fell swoop, Modernism was out and Post-Modernism was in. By the middle sixties, photography, for the first time, had become profitable. With money available, new galleries opened. I was living in New York City when Lee Witkin opened the Witkin Gallery, and it was an instant success. There was so much material available Read more »


After Platinum

written by: Tom Millea

It all came together in 2004. That was the year I closed down my Platinum workshop and knew I would never make another Platinum print. Oh, how traumatic that was after 45 years of Platinum printing. My health demanded I stop. I had become toxic after breathing in the heavy metals and hydrochloric acid for 35 years. Add to that the technical component. The films I used were discontinued, as were many of the chemicals. I loved using a small camera and then enlarging the negative to make a final print. Kodak discontinued the film I used to make the Read more »