Editor’s Note, N/D 2013

written by: Wendy Erickson

In the Fall of 1979 when Darkroom Techniques Magazine first hit the newsstand, black and white and color film was in its heyday. Photographers owned analog cameras and worked long hours in darkrooms. Thirty-four years later photographers hunt for film cameras in flea markets and online auctions, historic processes are all the rage and everyone I meet seems to want a darkroom of their own. With good chemistry, a little bit of luck, a lot of problem solving and some creativity thrown in for good measure, why not? It’s refreshing seeing that photography in the 21st century includes all methods Read more »



written by: Wendy Erickson

Devotees of the Polaroid emulsion lift process will remember the fun (?) of lifting off a Polaroid emulsion by soaking it in hot water, removing the emulsion, floating it in a tray of cool water, and attempting to get it successfully stuck to a piece of paper beneath it in the tray, all the while trying to stretch it out with fingers or a paintbrush. Results were as flat or wrinkled as desired. Photographers were limited by the size of the instant film, and practice made perfect. Now there is a new way to lift emulsions off digital inkjet transparencies, Read more »

From the Editor, S/O 2013

written by: Wendy Erickson

Influences and Vision I bought two books the other day, Joyland, the new Hard Case Crime novel from Stephen King, and Camera Work, The Complete Photographs by Alfred Stieglitz, from Taschen, a book that should have been in my library but for some inexplicable reason was not. With words and photographs printed on actual paper, there really is something to holding and reading a good book. Of course I never met Alfred Stieglitz, but I did sit next to Stephen King once on a tiny plane bound for Bangor. I know both books are likely to influence my creative vision Read more »

From the Editor, J/A 2013

written by: Wendy Erickson

The word convergence came to mind a few times while putting this issue together. With how-to articles and inspiring photographs and writing, you’ll find a tempting balance of both traditional and digital techniques. For example, with paint, Christina Z. Anderson uses real artist’s paint to tint her handmade Casein prints while Steve Anchell demonstrates step-by- step how to give a digital image the appearance of an oil painting. With light, John Welzenbach takes on two zone/mixed studio lighting and Jeffery Jay Luhn shows us a new twist on light painting. How about making big prints: In A Tale of American Read more »

From the Editor, M/J 2013

written by: Wendy Erickson

For me, the start of any great trip was always the breakfast at the beginning of the journey. It set the mood for the on the road adventure that was sure to follow. Travel is a bit more challenging these days, but I often yearn for the Great American Road Trip or some other impossible journey that still is on the proverbial bucket list. To inspire your quests for meaningful photographs, we’ve gathered some unique locations and dynamic events: David Shaw guides you through the Alaskan wilderness with his awe-inspiring photographs and Steve Dreyer travels off the beaten path to Read more »

From the Editor, M/A 2013

written by: Wendy Erickson

Precious Metals: silver, platinum, palladium, tin, iron and aluminum foil? In this issue you’ll find the influence of metal (an important element in photography no matter how you define it) running through several articles including Bruce Barnbaum’s take on traditional silver-based printing papers, Tom Persinger’s hand-colored Kallitypes (an iron based photographic process), Michael Massaia’s portfolio (Platinum/Palladium and Silver Gel- atin toned prints) plus my review of Metals for Digital printing. We’re delighted to have Jill Skupin Burkholder join us with the first of her two “how to” articles on Encaustic over Inkjet prints. See what the beauty of beeswax could Read more »


Nightfall in the Suburbs

written by: Michael Massaia, Wendy Erickson, Tom Gremegna

They gathered at the back of the gallery space. It was a chilly night but they were there to talk about photography and see prints. Big prints made using platinum and precious metals. Gallery 270—20 miles from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan−had closed for the evening, but there was excitement in the air−a photographer was going to speak about his prints and they had a private meeting with him. They pulled their chairs close and waited, enthralled with the creative possibilities of photography and the vision of this already legendary young man. He spoke gently about his photographs, his Read more »


Untarnished Dreams: Metals for Digital Printing

written by: Wendy Erickson

Click on the images to see them larger. I often want the old time ‘look’ of a vintage print on metal without having the time or supplies needed to actually create one. I’ve had excellent results post- processing digital photographs with Nik Snapseed to achieve the grungy look I am sometimes after. But often an inkjet print on paper still doesn’t work. There are some shiny new toys out there for photographers, in the form of metal or metal-look substrates as well as the ability to hand-coat your own choice of metals. I’ll explore the basic materials available in four Read more »

From the Editor, J/F 2013

written by: Wendy Erickson

I started writing this with a pen on paper several days after Hurricane Sandy slammed into the Northeast, the storm that shut down and severely devastated much of the tri-state area and changed the coastline of New Jersey (where I am located) forever. Without electricity, heat and Internet, I threw logs into the fireplace and waited and hoped for the best. The only means of sharing photographs I took during this time period was via my iPhone and even with cell towers down, photo uploads were slow but possible. When the power finally came back on, television reports revealed horrific Read more »

From the Editor, N/D 2012

written by: Wendy Erickson

November and December bring such anticipation on so many levels don’t they? In some areas of the country, the grand possibility of snow and ice offers time to reflect on photography and everything else too. I won’t mention those frequent power failures like we had last year, trying to keep warm inside the house with plummeting outside temperatures. Looking past that, it’s also a great time to catch up with family and friends. Will you venture out and risk the potentially harsh elements, or stay inside–nesting so to speak–and wish for a “snow day” or two, along with the time Read more »