From the Editor, S/O 2012

written by: Wendy Erickson

In September, most kids look forward to new notebooks and pens, or maybe a calculator, but I always loved the paint and markers and paper—oh how I loved to have new drawing paper. Growing up it was a luxury item for sure. When I got older it was film and photographic paper, maybe a new ‘used’ camera too or a lens. Arcadia Rom-Frank’s photograph on page 48 brings up a fond ‘back to school’ memory, because for me the art room was always the happening place. This issue marks my one-year anniversary as Editor of photo technique. Looking back over Read more »

From the Editor, J/A 2012

written by: Wendy Erickson

One of my many “finds” at yard sales was a beautiful old pastel drawing I bought for eight dollars. I liked it the minute I saw it. Recently I decided to take it apart, clean the glass and polish the wood frame. I found a signature I hadn’t noticed before. Who was the artist? Maybe there was a story behind the drawing. A little searching on the Internet came up with a few people with the same name. I took a chance on emailing the most likely one based on geography, and the artist, a former math teacher now 84 Read more »

From the Editor, M/A 2012

written by: Wendy Erickson

The Vernal Equinox arrives on March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere and likely not a moment too soon. More daylight hours are welcome, as are warmer temperatures and the return of all things green sprouting from the Earth. All things being equal, you’ll find a nice balance of traditional and digital technique in this issue. For those of you craving some wit and wisdom in your darkroom, David Vestal does not disappoint with his review of new Ilford MG Art 300. You’ll even get a dose of photo history at the same time. Alan Ross provides the third installment of Read more »

From the Editor, J/F 2012

written by: Wendy Erickson

So it’s January and you are thinking about eating those high calorie comfort foods to combat the cold winter, right? It’s hard to keep resolutions…The burgeoning New Year is a great time to contemplate where you have been and where you are going, photographically and otherwise. One thing you might consider is adding giving back to your list of resolutions. Need some inspiration? In this issue Photographer Daniel Beltrá generously shares his thoughts about photographing the gulf oil spill for Greenpeace with writer Robert Hirsch. You can also read about Mathieu Young, the L.A. based advertising photographer and self-assigned photojournalist, Read more »

From the Editor, N/D 2011

written by: Wendy Erickson

Have you heard about the legend of the photographer stuck in an inspiration rut? He felt he was missing something in his life; his photographs had become boring, cheap imitations of what he knew they could be. He took two months off and decided to go on an adventure. He embarked on his journey seeking wisdom to recharge his creativity. Weary but open-minded, he stumbled into the enchanted black oak forest. The light covering of snow created a sense of beauty and calmness in the landscape. He looked up at the rough canyon walls, seeing secret hidden textures and said, Read more »

From the Editor, S/O 2011

written by: Wendy Erickson

I love magazines. Even before you open the cover there is an implied promise of seeing something new. For me, reading a magazine is a solo journey through a world awaiting exploration. I hope you have similar feelings for the magazines you read, including this one. I recently dug through two boxes of Darkroom Techniques and PHOTO Techniques starting from the year 1979. It brought back memories of photography before we all had computers and camera phones and the Internet. The weird thing is that I remember most of the articles, and even the advertisements. Am I just a magazine Read more »


Photographing by Moonlight In Cambodia

written by: Wendy Erickson, Mathieu Young

Wendy Erickson: You are an advertising photographer based in LA. How is it you ended up in a fishing village in Cambodia making photographs by solar powered LED light? Mathieu Young: Self-assigned photojournalistic projects have always been an important part of what I do. I haven’t found total artistic fulfillment doing only my commercial work, and I haven’t found a sustainable financial model in doing only reportage projects, so I have always done both. To that end, I booked a months trip to Cambodia with the intention of meeting, learning about and promoting innovative social enterprises. I met dozens through photographing Read more »


The Artisan Approach to Inkjet Printing

written by: Wendy Erickson

Since the advent of digital imaging, many photographers feel they have lost touch with the craftsmanship of making a “handmade” print. If you are ready to get your artistry back, read on. Coating your own inkjet printing paper is a different approach to making digital fine art prints. You may already know that inkjet printing on uncoated paper reduces contrast and sharpness−generally the results are unacceptable. Coating paper with an inkjet receiving layer solves the problem. inkAID inkAIDTM inkjet receptive coatings are manufactured by Ontario Specialty Coatings. inkAID liquid coatings are hand-applied to any type of paper, as well as Read more »