Benro Travel Angel Carbon Tripod

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Traveling by air with a tripod has always been a challenge. You can ship it separately to your location or go the route of having a fiber tripod case as extra (costing) luggage on the plane. The Benro Travel Angel, specifically the TRCB269 with the B-1 ballhead is a good steady full-size tripod that folds conveniently into most suitcases.

The Travel Angel uses 8-layer carbon fiber technology for its leg construction, making it 60% stronger than previous carbon fiber tripods. All die-cast parts are made with magnesium. Even though the Travel Angel uses 5-section legs, it is extremely solid, enough to support up to 26.4 lbs.

What makes the Travel Angel excellent for air transport or backpacking is its ability to fold into itself. Completely folded, the tripod including the ballhead is only 19″– and only 14.2″ without the head. Yet it opens to a maximum of 60.9″. The weight without the ballhead is only 3.5 lbs. The B-1 ballhead uses Arca-Swiss compatible plates.

There are several smaller sizes also available. The TRCB269 costs around $380 without the B-1 head and $482 complete with ballhead strap and carrying case.