Bruce Barnbaum’s Revised: The Art of Photography

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The classic The Art of Photography, an Approach to Personal Expression, by Bruce Barnbaum has been in continuous publication since the late 1990’s—with updated material and expanded coverage in each new edition. Rocky Nook Publishing Co. of Heidelberg, Germany and Santa Barbara, CA have teamed up with Photographic Arts Editions to publish a completely revised edition of the book, which includes over 140 photographs woven throughout the text. As much an art book as it is a textbook, the new edition is completely rewritten and includes a new chapter on digital photography, clearly explaining how to best exposure digital captures (the digital zone system) and optimum methods of translating a single exposure or multiple exposures of the same scene (high dynamic range) to the best possible final image. The traditional film/ darkroom photographic information is also still included, along with some of Barnbaum’s best-known work and new, never published photographs. Sized at 10″x10″ and 360 pages in length, the cost is $44.95.