Carol Holmes

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International Bank Transfer Day (REDBUBBLE)

Lenoir Community College, A.A. Art Education, 2006
East Carolina University, 2006-present


Before this series came to life, I was overwhelmed by all of the current events that were thrown “in my face”. I tried turning off the TV, radio, and internet, but then people were talking, and I felt there was no escape. It made me very sad, depressed, and angry. I kept hearing everything was going to get worse. I questioned why I was even here. So…I decided to put my energy into this series, hoping to turn negatives into something positive.

This is a portion of an ongoing series called, “Society”. My intentions were to document current events in an artistic form, merging images to bring to life subjects that were viewed on television, newspapers, and the internet. To show that we are all connected and to create a visual documentary that can be appreciated for its aesthetics and the emotions of these trying times. Found textures, symbolism, birds, and landscape weave throughout the series with addition of buildings, the American flag, silos which were all added intuitively. I chose not to blend these images, but instead layering them to symbolize the complexities of social issues, each bringing the story together.