Dave Frieder

written by: Dave Frieder

My passion of photography began when I was six years old. I had just moved from Queens New York to New Jersey and my father bought a Brownie 127 film camera that I was allowed to use. Later, I built myself a darkroom in my father’s basement. I have always loved architecture, and to me bridges are the pinnacles of civil engineering. I first started photographing bridges with a 4×5 monorail camera but I realized that it would not work if I were photographing on the main cables and eyebars of the bridges. Since I have absolutely no fear of Read more »


Andy Schmitt

written by: Andy Schmitt

People always make fun of New Jersey. Of how it’s crowded, dirty and dull. But, there are a number of locations in NJ that are stunningly beautiful and present an observant photographer wonderful opportunities. This image was made up around my school in Northwest NJ on a wonderful August evening, after class. I had a teacher who once worked with me for a number of years, who had hard fast rules about images she would critique. Two of them were ‘no flowers’ and ‘no sunsets.’ As you can see, I don’t have rules.


Chris Boswell

written by: Chris Boswell

This photograph was taken on my second trip to Myanmar/Burma. First time visitors will often find themselves in awe with golden temples, rich history and warm people. My preference is to keep off the tourist paths, explore the local markets and observe the daily life. I endured a 24-hour ride on a hilariously bumpy train, slept on a pile of teak lumber, ate delicious street food and even experienced a 7.2 earthquake. Photographic inspiration is everywhere. Often local markets are covered or shaded making the shot more challenging. One of the best advantages of digital for me, is the ability Read more »


Dennis Keeley

written by: Dennis Keeley

I made this photograph in Mexico City in 2007. My students had left that morning for the highlands of Veracruz to work on a photo project about the role of women in indigenous societies. It was my first day alone in the city and I walked around without much of a plan. In the afternoon a random thunderstorm soaked everything including me. Many of my photographs seem to address a state of inertia contrasted by an opposing quality of activity. The tree and bus themselves would be separate opportunities to tell a story about the place, but the photograph I Read more »

Over Heavenly

Kayce Baker

I knew I was heading up the mountain for the day but I wanted to travel light and I wanted to shoot film. I took the X-Pan with me as my backpack camera. It was dumping snow the whole day and I was watching these guys hit the park all afternoon. At around 3pm the skies opened up and sun just came barreling through to light up the whole mountain and lake. I knew what shot I wanted, now I just had to get the guys to hit the rail just right. I set the camera to F/11 @ 1/500th Read more »


Saks Fur Co.

8×6 Glass plate negative original, and part of the National Photo Company Collection, Courtesy of the Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Division, Washington, D.C. Call Number LC-F82- 5681. The photographic files of the National Photo Company include approximately 80,000 images. To view more of the collection visit


Arcadia Rom-Frank

written by: Arcadia Rom-Frank

This is the photo that made me a ‘photographer.’ After a series of disappointing events at a summer arts camp I doubted my passion for photography. But I stumbled upon a simple scene that compelled me. From this simple setting I made a photograph that I was excited to print. I was so happy with this picture that afterwards wherever I looked I saw photographs. I feel as if I know what to look for now that I made a “successful” photograph. I continue to look for that same burst of inspiration that came from that moment of frustration.

donna foster, photo technique, photo mag

Donna Foster

written by: Donna Foster

When I created this portrait it was the first time I had photographed Boxers. As I was editing and staring at my computer monitor, all of the sudden I realized I was laughing out loud. Over and over as I looked at the images I was laughing. These boxers had such personality. When I’m working with dogs, some will lick my lens and surely all will stick their wet noses right into it. I know I’ll get lots of kisses, some slobbery and some not. As a photographer, I explore and capture the relationship and the affection between pets and Read more »

mel digiacomo

Mel DiGiacomo

written by: Mel DiGiacomo

It was one of those dog days of August that the weathermen talk about. The thermometer registered in the mid 90’s and it was terribly humid when I was a kid growing up. Near to Jersey City piers, my friends and I went to Palisades Park to “the world’s largest salt water pool” to cool off. Palisades Park, sadly, was torn down years ago. The children in my photo had, in my opinion, the most romantic ‘swimming hole’ in all of New Jersey. No place on the Hudson compares with Jersey City’s Hudson River. Edgewater, North Bergen, West New York, Read more »