Charles Mason

written by: Charles Mason

Well technically, I guess this is the mask of a Dalek, a fictional extraterrestrial race of mutants, from the British Dr. Who television series. The model is my daughter Hannah, who was seven at the time the photo was taken in our yard in Fairbanks, Alaska. We were actually in the process of returning the mask, as it was a birthday gift for her brother Zachary, but proved to be so uncomfortable he couldn’t wear it. I convinced Hannah to put it on for a couple of frames before I boxed it up. That’s about the limit of her tolerance Read more »


Harvey Stein

written by: Harvey Stein

“I am always interested in photographing photographers photographing. They (we/I) often look so strange doing it, whether lying on the ground, bending over backwards in strange contortions when we really don’t have to, or stretching to greater heights to shoot our masterpieces. At Coney Island, there was this photo booth (now long gone) that I’d often check out to see if anything interesting was happening. And this afternoon there was. At first, all I saw were the legs and that’s what intrigued me and that is what I photographed. I eventually saw more, but I’ll never tell.”

Star Trails © Marsel van Oosten

Marsel van Oostan

written by: Marsel van Oosten

Namibia is not only the least densely populated country in the world; it is also one of the driest. The clear desert air is perfect for shooting stars and star trails. I had planned the trip to coincide with the new moon so that we would have pitch-dark nights with lots of stars. For my first exposure, I waited until the sun had set and the sky was already quite dark, so no need for any filters −the foreground was lighter than the sky. The 30-second exposure with my Nikon D3, AF-S 17-35/2.8 lens, was enough to pick up some Read more »


Andrea Booher

The photograph is from the lobby of the Marriott hotel adjacent to Ground Zero. For me, some of the most chilling scenes at Ground Zero were in these public places. Here you got a glimpse of life as it was, the moment before the terrorist attacks. It was as if time stood still in these places. Messages by search teams were written in the fine concrete powder that covered the walls.