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Nicolas Touchard presents DxO Optics Modules

A Behind-The-Scenes Look at Our Laboratory and At The Various Steps in DxO Labs’ Calibration Process. Watch the video below explaining how DxO Optics Modules are created using a calibration process exclusive to DxO Labs, based on close analysis of every camera and lens combination under different shooting conditions.


Pilgrimage: Annie Leibovitz’s America

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz discusses her new book, Pilgrimage, and her journey through this country taking photographs of American pilgrimage sights, and takes your calls on your own pilgrimage list. See the photos on wnyc.org


Bruce Davidson on Photographing the Subway

Bruce Davidson, legendary photographer, discusses the 25th Anniversary of his collection, Subway, which has just been re-released and reviews our listener-submitted subway shots. See the photos or hear more interviews on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show at wnyc.org


An Introduction to Histograms

written by: David H. Wells

Understanding histograms is the key to getting a good exposure in digital photography. In this podcast, I walk you through the basics of the histogram. I show images of histograms (and scenes I have photographed.) Understanding histograms is the key to mastering exposure, which is at the heart of good photography. Follow the link to watch the instructional video/podcast by David H. Wells: http://thewellspoint.com/an-introduction-to-histograms/


Art School in Brief

Kit White, artist and professor of painting at Brooklyn’s Pratt Institute, offers a quick and dirty art school education from “1. Art can be anything”, to “101. Not every art school graduate becomes a successful artist”. White is also the author of 101 Things to Learn in Art School.  See the photos or listen to more interviews on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show at wnyc.org

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“After Photography” with Fred Ritchin and Matt McDermott

Images from Haiti helped define the story of the earthquakes devastation, but what did they say about the state of photojournalism? Fred Ritchin, former New York Times Magazine photo editor; photography and imaging professor at NYU; director of PixelPress.org; and author of After Photography, discusses how affordable technology and digital manipulation have changed the world of photojournalism. And New York based photojournalist Matt McDermott talks about his photographs from Haiti, including the iconic shot of a boy being pulled from the rubble. See the photos or listen to more interviews on WNYC’s Brian Lehrer Show at wnyc.org