In From the Light

written by: Nolan Preece

The phone rang. It was the director of St. Mary’s Art Center in Virginia City, NV informing me that demolition of the darkroom was about to begin. She asked if I wanted to photograph it before it was gone. As a member of the board, I knew this was going to happen, but so soon? The window frames in that room were dry rotting and we had received a grant to replace them. Oliver Gagliani, a close associate of Ansel Adams, had built the darkroom against the windows so demolition was the only way to get them out. I grabbed Read more »


The Personal Project

written by: David H. Wells

Near the end of my recent six months in India, I started a new project. I don’t know if it will be a small, short-term piece or a long term, multi-year project. But “instant editing” helped me define the project in real time. Instant editing is my process of sending a set of selected images (20 to 40) to ten friends, to find out which pictures work for them. My peer’s comments on this new work also helped me define my approach to the project itself as much as making the photographs. India, with the second largest road network on Read more »


Anatomy of a Photo Shoot

written by: John Reuter

The President of the United States is one of the most photographed people in the world. Listen to any press con- ference or announcement and you will hear hundreds of shutter clicks sounding like a hailstorm on the hood of a car. To photograph the President in a private setting is exceedingly rare. To do it with a 20×24 camera seems to happen once a decade. Chuck Close has been using the 20×24 camera and Polaroid film since its inception and has made portraits of over 100 people with the camera. His signature style is a very close–up, strongly lit Read more »


The Great American Drive-In Theater Road Trip

written by: Carl Weese

In October of 2001 I was working on a project in rural Pennsylvania when I encountered a drive-in theater that was closed, but in good condition. I’d photographed an abandoned drive-in several years before and the picture proved one of the most popular in my portfolio of twenty 8×10 platinum/ palladium prints. While I made 8×10 pictures of the new theater a plan began to form. Every one of these iconic American structures is unique. Although there are no cookie-cutter stock designs, the main elements of a giant white rectangle and other simple buildings have appeared in every corner of Read more »