On the Street: Fuji X100

written by: Steve Anchell

It takes practice to paint a realistic picture. It takes practice to play a guitar. It takes practice to capture the decisive moment with a camera. And just like with painting or guitar playing, while you can use almost any brush or guitar, it helps to have a good-quality sable brush for oil painting, an electric guitar for rock- n-roll, and a viewfinder camera for street photography. I began street photography in the 1970s using an 8×10-inch Agfa-Ansco large-format camera. I would set my Majestic tripod up on a sidewalk in downtown Los Angeles and take formal photos of the Read more »


Yellowstone: From the Side of the Road

My experience with cameras started when I was about 10 years old, a square brown plastic film camera with a mediocre lens. About 40 years ago I graduated to a rangefinder then moved to an SLR. I then stopped fighting technology and accepted autofocus with automatic exposure. Now I’ve graduated fully to digital. My photography interest is wildlife and nature, and I semi-patiently waited for vacations and business trips to practice my craft. Over the years I slowly acquired top-level equipment and I had big plans for when I reached retirement. Fast forward 9 years . . . I’m finally Read more »