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Justin Nolan

Albuquerque, NM “Themed Spaces” “My photographic work is motivated by an interest in the sociological and narrative elements that can be drawn out by a concerted look at the manmade environment. Landscapes, both natural and urban, embody the stories of people who use it. Using my camera as a mode of investigation, I present spaces that are vacant and yet at the same time inhabited. Although my photographs rarely include people within the frame, they suggest the motivations, desires, and ironies, of the human condition. “


Christine Pearl

Washington, DC “Last Car Running” “These photographs explore a subculture of people who work with what they have as they embrace the charm of destruction. They love the process of grinding steel, burning rubber and showering sparks to fulfill their vision of the American dream; a dream of creating the indestructible car that is the last car running. “My photography of the demolition derby embodies the raucous spirit of what is proudly called “contemporary redneck culture.” I’m drawn to this community’s creative ingenuity, shown in the ways they give new life to an old, all but abandoned icon of Read more »


Manuela Thames

St. Paul, Minnesota “Sleeping in the Forest” Everyone has their own story of upbringing. We all carry our baggage, some more, some less. For a long time I had to face my past, analyze it, come to terms with it, reconcile and move on from it. This self portrait series is about who I have been and who I have become, merged together. There are expressions of connection and separation, darkness and light, fear and courage, the desire to hide and to be seen. There is within much of this an interweaving and sometimes confluence of reality and dream. The setting reflects the way in Read more »


Maryanne Gobble

Redding, CA  “Human” “I’ve known my husband since he was a boy and have always been inspired by his persevering spirit through life’s treacherous valleys. Everyone has a story and I’ve set to documenting his with imagery relying heavily on themes such as sorrow, journey, rebirth, and freedom. I’ve chosen to depict him nude or semi nude in an effort to convey a raw and timeless feel and place him in natural settings and patterns that mimic the rhythms of life. “I am increasingly interested in creating fine art pieces that have an intimate hold on my heart. I Read more »

Glass Olive

David Miller

Arizona  “Pop Art” “As a child I drew images of heroes, aliens, mythic characters, robots and dinosaurs. It was an amalgam of Saturday morning cartoons and the special effects films of the 1980s. As an adult I indulge that childish love but through photography, using models to create pop art scenes that liberally borrow from TV, cinema and cartoonish scenes. Sometimes these scenes are the basis of fashion shots, or just executing a dreamy concept as far as we can live, but I like to think regardless of intent they take the viewer back to Saturday mornings and Sunday Read more »


David S. Matthews

Silver Spring, Maryland  “Moments Within the Moments” “What I search for is serendipity and the unexpected; quiet and fleeting moments because that’s the beauty of photography to me. My eye is drawn to perspective and I’ve noticed that my personal style tends to include long foregrounds and a certain minimalism. Since I don’t have any formal training my style is a little raw and unpolished but I’m ok with that because ultimately I’m going more for a feeling than a perfectly executed photograph.”


Guillermo Giansanti

Brazil “Yens to See” “Evgen Bavcar, a blind artist who is actually one of the exponents of contemporary art, usually says that the world is not separated between blind and not blind people, “photography is not exclusivity of those who can see, we also construct internal images”, he says. In “Yens to see”, when asking some blind people: “what would you like to see?”, I work with the concept of Bavcar, encourages my characters to practice the exercise of creation, revelations of inner images. Unlike the path proposed by the French artist Sophie Calle, whom, when asking blind people Read more »

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Michael J. Carl

Billings, Montana “Hosta Studies” “Hostas are widely cultivated, shade loving, ornamental garden plants that are easy to overlook. Ubiquitous to backyard gardens and urban greenscapes they form a nice border to compliment the flamboyant flowers of other plants or occupy a shady spot that other plants struggle in. I’ve always had hostas in my garden, but never photographed them. I was too preoccupied with the showy blooms of the irises and roses. A few years after I had planted some new varieties in my backyard I became fascinated with the magical whorls as they slowly unraveled to reveal graceful Read more »

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Hannah Bailey

Pittsburgh, Pennslyvania Edinboro University, BFA Applied Media Arts “Rooms of [her] subconscious” “Rooms of [her] subconscious” is about the search for self represented by the navigation of an unfamiliar, abandoned space. The worlds of these photographs are the worlds of my imagination, realities that bridge the gap between the fantastic and existent. This bridge may at times appear dark, but it is only through exploring and understanding these spaces can one find the light and immeasurable possibility of being.”

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Claire Atkinson

Manchester, England University of Bolton, England, BA with Honors “Manchester Streets” “Quite often, street photography pays attention to extraordinary occurrences within a city. In contrast to the unusual and sometimes fantastical, I attempt to capture the more realistic, everyday perspective of the daily life of Manchester. “The ever-changing ‘Manc’ characters and backdrops show Manchester for its true self. The delightful personalities to be found on public transport, the caffeine-addicts through steamy café windows and the rushing feet of business along rainy pavements. We are not only given a taste of Manchester, but a rushing, blurry, reflection of Britain as a Read more »