david shaw, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

David Shaw

London, England London College of Communication, BA Photojournalism www.davidshawphotojournalism.blogspot.com “Existence is Resistance” “My portfolio consists of images from two recent trips to the West Bank of Palestine. This portfolio tries to show the many different sides of the occupation in the West Bank. I focus my work on the widesly said term “existence is resistance.” Most of the issues I witnessed on my trips was oftern attacks on people as unaggressive as olive tree farmers. Due to the constant punishment of the civilian population Palestinian’s mere existence is at threat and this makes everyday life a form of resistance. “Human Read more »

International Bank Transfer Day (REDBUBBLE)

Carol Holmes

Lenoir Community College, A.A. Art Education, 2006 East Carolina University, 2006-present “Society” Before this series came to life, I was overwhelmed by all of the current events that were thrown “in my face”. I tried turning off the TV, radio, and internet, but then people were talking, and I felt there was no escape. It made me very sad, depressed, and angry. I kept hearing everything was going to get worse. I questioned why I was even here. So…I decided to put my energy into this series, hoping to turn negatives into something positive. This is a portion of an ongoing series Read more »

kat kiernan, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

Kat Kiernan

Lexington, Virginia The Art Institute of Boston as Lesley University, BFA Photography www.katkiernan.com “The Sailor’s Wife” “The wife of a sailor must often rely on unconventional means of communication to imaginatively connect with someone who cannot otherwise be reached. The character in these images represents a larger population of women who experience the varieties of loss that accompany their title. The loss may be temporary, for the duration of their voyage, or it may become permanent, as sailors do not always return home to their wives. In this work, I transform artifacts (often nautical ones) from their common state allowing them Read more »

lisa mccarthy, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

Lisa McCarthy

University of Michigan, BA Philosophy www.photoetudes.com “Kohala” “Drawing on my training in classical music, I base my current photographic practice on a form of musical composition called the etude. Etudes are in part studies of subject, instrument, and the composer’s musical ideas. My visual etudes are studies of places and objects, the camera, and my visual and emotional responses to them, which last ask: What is here to be seen? What will the pictures present that I didn’t see? How do these collaborations of subject, camera, and self transform a commonplace thing in the real world into a realm, a domain—in short, Read more »

michael g jackson, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

Michael Jackson

Wales, United Kingdom www.mgjackson.co.uk “Poppit Sands” “The work is from an ongoing project based around a single beach in Wales- Poppit Sands. I photograph there using a single camera (Hasselblad 500cm) and a single lens, and I only visit the beach when the tide is low and the sun is setting. I am currently in my 5th year of the project- giving me many hundreds of visits.”

igor kraguljac, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

Igor Kraguljac

Texas A & M University, MS in Visualization Sciences www.igorkraguljac.com  “Chiaroscuro” “Inspired by chiaroscuro (specific type of light design)
used in Renaissance paintings, I am exploring the possibilities that exist
in translating the visual impact of chiaroscuro into the photographic
medium. Like the painters and photographers who came before me, I am 
utilizing chiaroscuro in physical space. In this series, primary factors of 
light design and composition were identified and applied to studio subjects
to effectively recreate the chiaroscuro effect. The additional element of a
sense of weightlessness was subsequently achieved through the use of an
underwater environment.”

eric kruszewski, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

Eric Kruszewski

Pacific Northwest, USA www.erickruszewski.com  “A Slice of America in 14 Days” From 2005 to 2010, I lived in and wandered throughout 26 countries on 4 continents.  During those five years abroad, it was revealed to me that many locals too often developed views on American culture based on satellite television, bootleg movies and the latest music videos.  In the early years, discussions revolving around “media-based America” became long-winded and included explanations that would be rewarding only if others were immersed in true, American culture.  Very quickly, the long-winded discussions were truncated to simple explanations stating that too many people were Read more »

pj reptilehouse, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

PJ Reptilehouse

Oakland, California www.pjreptilehouse.com I began this photo project almost 10 years ago. I built some strobe lights with LEDs at the Exploratorium in San Francisco for completely other purposes, but after I had them, I started trying to emulate some of the classic motion study photos of Harold Edgerton and Etienne-Jules Marey. I liked the patterns that often turned up in their work and it wasn’t long before I decided to concentrate on the patterns as art, rather than as representation of some natural motion. From there I realized that I could augment the patterns by moving the camera, first Read more »

htet t san, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

Htet T. San

Huntsville, Alabama www.htetthawtarsan.com “Emotion/Untold Stories” “In photography, I’ve very much inspired by people and their emotions, whether it is street, fashion, or portraiture or even buildings, I tend to seek narration in it. Pictures without stories hardly ever work for me. I’m also interested in another part of reality that we can’t really see with our eyes, like dreams, desires and extraordinary senses; the things we feel that exist but we’re unable to see.  I’m very much inspired by conceptualism and symbolism and also being an inspired filmmaker.

meg madison, underexposed, photo technique

Meg Madison

Los Angeles, California www.megmadison.com “Rightsizing Narrative” “Rightsizing Narrative” is a project that grew out of my investigation of memory, and the amazement of discovering what was an actual memory, and what was a memory of viewing snapshots or home movies of an earlier time. I began this project by returning to childhood places to take photographs utilizing the methodology of seventies black and white street photography to create a sense of the veracity of the real moment. Always the intent is on posing the question of what is authentic, pointing out the confusion between this “real moment” and real life. Read more »