don whitebread, photo technique, underexposed

Don Whitebread

Mountain View, California “Yemen” “Despite some serious research, Yemen was unlike anything I imagined.  The landscape that I came to photograph was much more diverse and interesting than I expected, and the people and culture were firmly, but comfortably locked in centuries-old traditions.  Their Ministry of Tourism helped me with access to parts of the country that would have been otherwise restricted, and even provided a military guard in the Hadhramaut region, a religiously conservative area that is the childhood home of Osama Bin Laden’s father.  It was a tremendous advantage to have a friend living there who could Read more »

nico chiapperini, photo technique, underexposed

Nico Chiapperini

Den Bosch, Netherlands  “Moments in Between” “Street photography is often a stage where people unconsciously are actors of their own comedies. The real world becomes a choreography for stories or allegories, subject to different interpretations. “Moments in Between” is a collection of pictures that somehow make me think about life as a theatre: joy, sweetness, drama or oddness come on the scene.”

logan crable, photo technique, underexposed

Logan Crable

Brooklyn, New York Savannah College of Art and Design, BFA 2010 “Indigenous” “All of these photographs are from my current body of work titled “Indigenous”.  In this body of work I have created fictional scenarios using allegorical characters to represent  scenarios of different abstract moments which can exist in this world.  I push the realistic element in my photographs to make them believable but surreal. I want to blur the line between reality and fiction.  This is a strange world, That goes much further than what one first perceives.  Understanding that these pictures have a strong sense of narrative Read more »

ashley lebedev

Ashley Lebedev

Twin Cities, MN  “Faerieland” Faerieland is a brain child project. I’ve always been very interested in aspects of fantasy as I find them incredibly youthful and inspiring. With Faerieland, I’ve really tried to find a balance between that part of me and my seemingly endless love affairs with natural light, on location portraiture, vintage everything, and elements found within nature. I’ve melded my favorite things into (what I intend to be) a very authentic and atmospheric storyboard, in which I’ve written and designed a world of magical places and characters (some more than others) that we all might see Read more »

liberty kifer

Liberty Kifer

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho “Doors” I have a fascination with doorways. They speak so eloquently about the house they stand guard over, the people who pass through them….and yet they leave so much mystery deliciously unattainable. For me, that mystery is best left unsolved. I prefer to dwell on the possibilities, let my imagination run wild. I am utterly bored by a perfect, well-kept house; I want to see CHARACTER, I want to see HISTORY, humor, tragedy, fear, joy… other words I want to be able to take a PORTRAIT of a place, not a still life or “architectural detail.” Read more »

darrel appelzoller

Darrel Appelzoller

Chapel Hill, North Carolina Maryland Institute College of Arts, MFA Photography, 2012  “Isolation: Islands” “The current direction of my work is based upon isolation. There are good and bad things to take away from the whole experience of isolation — it can be lonely, yet empowering. I often ask myself why we go through life feeling like we have to fit in somewhere, with someone, or need something to complete us? This innate feeling of isolation or yearning for compatibility is what I constantly wrestle with, stretching my own concepts of identity and association. “The work that I am Read more »

colin blakley

Colin Blakley

MFA, New Mexico State University 2009 Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University 2010  “Talking with Strangers” “My current body of work is called “Talking with Strangers” and I’ve been working on it for about eight months.  One of the things I love about being an artist is that I am free to make work about whatever I find fascinating at any given time.  This project has given me the opportunity to talk to these people and to hear their stories.  This project also serves a more basic desire: the desire to stare.  These photographs allow the viewer the chance to Read more »