Evaluate Prints under the Right Lights

written by: Timothy Edberg

Creating a color print involves making trial prints and adjusting color and density for your next attempt. This is as true for digital printing as for darkroom printing—digital profiles and color management only take you so far, and then it’s adjustment by visual inspection. But are you examining your trial prints under the right illumination? The nature of the illumination can alter the appearance of colors, so using a poor viewing light can lead to poor choices. The illumination affects the look of the print because we view color by the light it reflects. A lemon looks yellow because it Read more »


Sorting Images with Bridge

This powerful workflow offers speed and efficiency when carrying out some of the most common—and time-consuming—Photoshop tasks
written by: Barry Haynes

This article discusses ways of improving your workflow and quickly processing those hundreds and thousands of images you are now capturing with your digital cameras. If you are using a digital camera that allows you to shoot in Raw color mode, you’ll find that this gives you more options later when color correcting your images. Shoot in Raw mode if you can. This article will help you more quickly sort your Raw files and also show you how to automatically do some initial color correction to them. I have previously written articles about how to do final color correction and Read more »