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This photograph was taken on my second trip to Myanmar/Burma. First time visitors will often find themselves in awe with golden temples, rich history and warm people. My preference is to keep off the tourist paths, explore the local markets and observe the daily life. I endured a 24-hour ride on a hilariously bumpy train, slept on a pile of teak lumber, ate delicious street food and even experienced a 7.2 earthquake. Photographic inspiration is everywhere. Often local markets are covered or shaded making the shot more challenging. One of the best advantages of digital for me, is the ability to change ISO from one shot to the next. I was very skeptical shooting at speeds like 3200, however the detail and saturation is surprisingly good.

The Burmese people apply a paste called thanakha for beauty. The amount of detail that this girl applied to her design and the lotus flowers were perfect compliments for this image.

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Chris Boswell
Chris Boswell has been involved with photography from image capture to print production for over 25 years. Chris has worked in many areas of photography as a photographer in the U.S. Navy, a black & white film specialist and sitrict manager for Ilford imaging, and director of operations at custom print labs. Chris currently lives in Valdez, Alaska.