Colin Blakley

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MFA, New Mexico State University 2009
Adjunct Professor, Nova Southeastern University 2010 

“Talking with Strangers”

“My current body of work is called “Talking with Strangers” and I’ve been working on it for about eight months.  One of the things I love about being an artist is that I am free to make work about whatever I find fascinating at any given time.  This project has given me the opportunity to talk to these people and to hear their stories.  This project also serves a more basic desire: the desire to stare.  These photographs allow the viewer the chance to stare that good manners and social taboos forbid in normal day-to-day life.

“My work tends to all over the map: I have a broad range of interests and I tend to follow my whims where ever they go.  The thing that ties my bodies of work together is my interest in the areas where dreams and imagination meet reality, and to what extent they overlap (or can be made to overlap).  My most documentary-based image has some of my imagination in it, and my most fantasy-based image his some reality: in the end, the two are inseparable.”