DataColor Spyder3 Studio SR

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This is a complete color management system for calibrating displays (including ambient light compensation) and printers and for controlling contrast and tone shifts in RAW files. The Spyder3 Studio SR not only reads the monitor, but also has a mounting bracket that allows you to take measurements off a projection screen to calibrate a digital projector. Immediately after reading a display, a proof screen is displayed that allows you to look at before and after calibration views.

For printing, the Spyder3 Studio uses its own software to generate and print a wide variety of test targets, including EZ or Classic targets. Depending upon what level of accuracy refinement you need, the choice of targets includes:

• 225 patches on one sheet
• 225 patches and expanded grays on two sheets
• 729 patches on three sheets
• 729 patches and extended grays on four sheets
• 729 patches on one sheet for roll paper and large cut sheet paper

You can also access these targets from the DVD for use in RIP or export 16-bit systems. Set the printer settings for the quality level you want and the media type you will assign to the paper. Set for no color correction in doing the tests.

Plug in the Print Spectro Calibration unit and calibrate the unit using the white target cradle. One of the great improvements in this version of the Spyder Spectro Calibration system is that an entire strip of color patches can be read in one swoop. The accuracy of your reading is indicated on your display screen. If there is a missed target reading, the software will indicate that you need to reread the line. The strip reader has an easy-to-use guide that allows you to move the Spectro unit through the entire strip. The RAW calibration Spyder Cube is included in the Spyder3 Studio SR aluminum case. This is a remarkable tool for setting contrast ranges, areas with tonality above and below shadows and highlights and a convenient way of eliminating color tint in a single image or in a batch of images. DataColor is now distributed through Manfrotto Distribution and sells for under $450.