David Shaw

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david shaw, underexposed, photo technique, photo opportunities

London, England
London College of Communication, BA Photojournalism

“Existence is Resistance”

“My portfolio consists of images from two recent trips to the West Bank of Palestine. This portfolio tries to show the many different sides of the occupation in the West Bank. I focus my work on the widesly said term “existence is resistance.” Most of the issues I witnessed on my trips was oftern attacks on people as unaggressive as olive tree farmers. Due to the constant punishment of the civilian population Palestinian’s mere existence is at threat and this makes everyday life a form of resistance.

“Human rights issues is the area I want to focus on as a photographer. I think photography has the power to change and help issues in the world and I want to document these issues for the greater good. I have worked extensively in Israel and Palestine but have also worked with undocumented migrants and refugees in France and Britain. “