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donna foster, photo technique, photo mag Daisa and Madison © Donna Foster

When I created this portrait it was the first time I had photographed Boxers. As I was editing and staring at my computer monitor, all of the sudden I realized I was laughing out loud. Over and over as I looked at the images I was laughing. These boxers had such personality.

When I’m working with dogs, some will lick my lens and surely all will stick their wet noses right into it. I know I’ll get lots of kisses, some slobbery and some not. As a photographer, I explore and capture the relationship and the affection between pets and their companions. My goal is to produce a photograph that reflects the personality and emotional connection of both. I want the viewer to look at one of my photographs and feel as though he or she is looking at the soul of the animal or at the essence of the relationship between the pet and person. Depending where we are on location we’ll end up with grassy knees or sand between our toes. All in a day’s work.

About the Author

Donna Foster
Donna Foster, an award winning photographer, is based in Charlotte, NC and seasonally in Martha’s Vineyard, MA. She owns a boutique style portrait studio where she specializes in portraits of pets and their people. Donna also stays busy with fine art projects and has developed a line of note cards.