Eric Kruszewski

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Pacific Northwest, USA 

“A Slice of America in 14 Days”

From 2005 to 2010, I lived in and wandered throughout 26 countries on 4 continents.  During those five years abroad, it was revealed to me that many locals too often developed views on American culture based on satellite television, bootleg movies and the latest music videos.  In the early years, discussions revolving around “media-based America” became long-winded and included explanations that would be rewarding only if others were immersed in true, American culture.  Very quickly, the long-winded discussions were truncated to simple explanations stating that too many people were only exposed to a slice of America.  Thereafter, the new, recurring question from locals became, “Where are the other slices?”  Instead of drawn-out discussions, my new, recurring answer became “I promise to show you another slice.”

 In July of 2010, I decided to cease living abroad, return to America and embark on a 14-day journey across the country.  My goal was to visit regions and smaller sub-cultures that could supplement the views of American culture as a whole.  I captured moments revealed to me along a slice of America spanning from east to west.