F-Stop Tilopa Backpack

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Most pros have more than one bag because of the extensive equipment needed for a variety of jobs. They usually end up packing an array for the type of applications they anticipate. F-Stop’s Tilopa backpack offers a unique approach with a modular equipment pod design.

First, lets talk about the backpack itself. The Tilopa is 12″x24″x10″ and has a solid metal support rack (an uncommon addition to the normal camera backpack) that allows for comfortable back support and equipment protection. It is made of Rip-stop Nylon and has numerous outer and inner pockets, an internal padded section for most 15 inch laptops, and straps and a cup on the outside for carrying a tripod and other gear. It also has numerous straps for attaching additional accessory cases. Access to the camera gear is from the back and it has a larger base allowing it to stand freely in most conditions. The Tilopa fits within the size for airline carry-on.

The real versatility of this backpack is its use of ICUs- Internal Camera Units. These are somewhat like common internal backpack dividers except that the whole unit is removable and interchangeable. Each ICU module can be set up with a particular configuration of cameras and lenses and dropped into the top of the Tilopa backpack. There are even four different sizes of ICUs for different types and amount of equipment. While each ICU has a zippered cover, this is easily folded back when in the Tilopa for easy access from the back opening. Of particular note is the way the ICU separations are made. Not only does the Velcro attach to the sides, but also to the bottom making a firm separation between camera equipment. When using one of the smaller ICU’s there is also internal space on the top for additional lens cases, clothing, food, etc.

The Tilopa with one ICU sells for $295.00 with free shipping. For more information, contact www.fstopgear.com.