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The word convergence came to mind a few times while putting this issue together. With how-to articles and inspiring photographs and writing, you’ll find a tempting balance of both traditional and digital techniques.

For example, with paint, Christina Z. Anderson uses real artist’s paint to tint her handmade Casein prints while Steve Anchell demonstrates step-by- step how to give a digital image the appearance of an oil painting. With light, John Welzenbach takes on two zone/mixed studio lighting and Jeffery Jay Luhn shows us a new twist on light painting.

How about making big prints: In A Tale of American Plenty, Bob Hirsch interviews Brian Ulrich whose photographs explore the complexities of consumer-dominated culture, presented as large-scale color inkjet prints; in contrast is Florida’s Wild Places: A Conversation With Clyde Butcher; perhaps after seeing his large format traditional black and white photographs you might venture deep into nature to get your next photograph.

What better time of year to get hitched—to a computer that is—in Tethered Image Capture with David Saffir. To that add How to Perfect Digital Techniques by Understanding Film by David H. Wells or Really Thinking Outside the Box with Tom Persinger. You must try this at home!

The title of John Wade’s article, The Man Who Built the World’s Biggest Camera sounds like it could spark the title of a movie, or at the very least, a Twilight Zone episode. Either way it’s a great factual story of photographic ingenuity in the 1800’s.

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What will you try this summer, a new or old camera, some film perhaps? Will you take a workshop or try a new technique? Get out some paint or buy a new computer? Build a portable darkroom or a pinhole camera? For me, I’m thinking about going retro—but wait—everything old is new again.

Best wishes for summer from everyone at photo technique.

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Wendy Erickson is a photographer, writer and teacher. Her photographs and writings have been widely exhibited, and published in numerous books and articles. Wendy teaches photography at the University level and as Editor, is putting the technique back into photo technique Magazine.