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The Vernal Equinox arrives on March 20th in the Northern Hemisphere and likely not a moment too soon. More daylight hours are welcome, as are warmer temperatures and the return of all things green sprouting from the Earth.

All things being equal, you’ll find a nice balance of traditional and digital technique in this issue. For those of you craving some wit and wisdom in your darkroom, David Vestal does not disappoint with his review of new Ilford MG Art 300. You’ll even get a dose of photo history at the same time. Alan Ross provides the third installment of his Masking series, this time demonstrating digital imaging tools for contrast adjustments in the darkroom. And our friend Tom Persinger gets hands-on with another historic process, Gum printing.

Mark Schacter joins us from Canada writing a Digital Editing how-to using DxO Software and David H. Wells gives plenty of good reasons to use the histogram on the back of your camera. Steve Anchell road tests the Fuji X100 in Cuba, is it the street camera for you?

Who better than Robert Hirsch, to interview Lucas Birk on vanishing street photographers and the kamra-e-faoree in Afghanistan—a fascinating living history of photography. Paul Sergeant returns with a new take on the 21st Century Traveling Tintype Studio.

Tadas Naujokaitis, a young photographer from Lithuania, wrote to me a while back asking if I’d like to see his photographs. I’m so glad he did. Tadas sets up his stunning photographs well before he ever releases the shutter, crafting beautiful feeding stations from natural materials—these are some of the most outstanding and inspiring bird photos I’ve ever seen. If you’ve never tried photographing birds, why not try it this spring?

Mike Mitchell shares musings about light and photography, with inspiring, luminous and modern images. See what you imagine when you look at them. All the way from Alaska, Charles Mason wraps it up on Page 48.

We also have exciting news—this Spring the photo technique website has a new look, and new content. Our design goal is to make it easy to view and navigate. We want our website ( to be a resource and a friendly place you can call home—over the next few months you’ll see new exclusive online-only articles for subscribers and unique content such as guest bloggers, podcasts and videos from photographers about photography. Please spend some time on our site, and as always, let us know what you think.

What a great time of year to find some balance in your own photography.

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