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For me, the start of any great trip was always the breakfast at the beginning of the journey. It set the mood for the on the road adventure that was sure to follow. Travel is a bit more challenging these days, but I often yearn for the Great American Road Trip or some other impossible journey that still is on the proverbial bucket list.

To inspire your quests for meaningful photographs, we’ve gathered some unique locations and dynamic events: David Shaw guides you through the Alaskan wilderness with his awe-inspiring photographs and Steve Dreyer travels off the beaten path to Turkey. Harvey Stein shares his travel journal with commentary about five of his photographs. Rick Sheremeta introduces the equestrian sport of Eventing in Montana, and Kevin Pepper points his camera skyward at the Waterloo Wellington Air Show in Canada, all offering useful technical tips and hints on how to make better photographs along the way.

The reader assignment and portfolio review is “Making Meaningful Travel Photographs” with the special opportunity to save big on a Fotofeedback portfolio review of your travel photographs! Whew, I’m getting exhausted just writing this.

Gear Apps and Good Stuff features fantastic new reader raffles, all you have to do is send an email to enter. Thank you to all the manufacturers and suppliers who contributed items and services!

In the studio and digital darkroom, Jill Skupin Burkholder is back with Part II of her Encaustic technique; Steve Anchell pushes the limits of Digital Noise and Tom Persinger Demystifies Digital Negatives.

Bree Lamb joins us with an interview with Lois Greenfield and her elegant portfolio and Bob Hirsch explores the creative mind and work of Brian Taylor. You’ll also find a review of the Fuji X-E1 Camera by David Saffir on the photo technique website, accessible to all and just a mouse click away.

You may have noticed those bright colors on the cover; we couldn’t resist the charm of Hanging Parrot, photographed in Costa Rica by artist, photographer and bird lover Mike Bartholome. And finally don’t miss the travel photo Chris Boswell made in Burma on page 56.

All this means it’s time to pack a bag and get on the road again, with the strains of that Willie Nelson song playing on the radio. Yes, it is time for breakfast—I’m thinking about pancakes or waffles—and the next great photo adventure.

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Wendy Erickson is a photographer, writer and teacher. Her photographs and writings have been widely exhibited, and published in numerous books and articles. Wendy teaches photography at the University level and as Editor, is putting the technique back into photo technique Magazine.