From the Editor, N/D 2011

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Have you heard about the legend of the photographer stuck in an inspiration rut? He felt he was missing something in his life; his photographs had become boring, cheap imitations of what he knew they could be. He took two months off and decided to go on an adventure.

He embarked on his journey seeking wisdom to recharge his creativity. Weary but open-minded, he stumbled into the enchanted black oak forest. The light covering of snow created a sense of beauty and calmness in the landscape. He looked up at the rough canyon walls, seeing secret hidden textures and said, “These could add emotion to my photographs!” Later he bolted down the path of the nine steps and learned strategies for making better digital black and white images. Along the road, he apprenticed for a few days with the modern alchemist of Collodio paper. A few days later, taking an untraveled path, he came upon a longhaired, cigar-smoking guru who took him step-by-step through the fields of camera RAW.

His creative block was lifting. After leaving the guru, he magically started seeing softly. With his new soft vision, he suddenly noticed an internationally renowned photo critic. Speaking with perfect elocution, the critic pointed the photographer in the direction of a woman who poetically painted her photographs. The woman put a spell on our hero and (what else would they do?) they went shopping. He bought her a rugged portable hard drive and she bought him a trendy camera bag with a buckle that doubles as a beer can opener. They both stocked up on color film and contemplated sharing a 4×5 pinhole camera. Next, they stopped at a bookstore and loaded up on vintage photography books. On the road again, they met a self- proclaimed omnologist who shared his portfolio. With their lessons learned, they set off again on the trail only to meet the man who started the first dot-com. He taught them how to stitch together their new photographic memories. Later that week, they got hip with a cool cat who introduced them to the Hipstanotype. As the couple walked off into the sunset, their batteries recharged, they paused on Page 48 to view spectacular star trails in the cloudless Namibian sky.

You can experience that same creative adventure right here in this issue. It’s true−the technique is back in photo technique. Thanks for liking us on Facebook−you’ve shared inspiration and beautiful photographs. Please join us there. Also, check out the new Editor’s Blog on our website−you can read updates and ramblings there between issues. Looking forward to 2012, great things are already in place for the upcoming JAN/FEB issue. Best wishes for the holiday season from everyone here at photo technique.

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Wendy Erickson
Wendy Erickson is a photographer, writer and teacher. Her photographs and writings have been widely exhibited, and published in numerous books and articles. Wendy teaches photography at the University level and as Editor, is putting the technique back into photo technique Magazine.