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November and December bring such anticipation on so many levels don’t they? In some areas of the country, the grand possibility of snow and ice offers time to reflect on photography and everything else too. I won’t mention those frequent power failures like we had last year, trying to keep warm inside the house with plummeting outside temperatures. Looking past that, it’s also a great time to catch up with family and friends. Will you venture out and risk the potentially harsh elements, or stay inside–nesting so to speak–and wish for a “snow day” or two, along with the time to do some uninterrupted creative thinking?

Powerful artistry is possible on many levels, and this issue offers you multiple choices to experiment with making and showcasing your own photographs. Start with a little focus stacking along with Dan Burkholder to make things really sharp. Show the passage of time by blurring and panning in camera with David H. Wells, then submit your photographs to our Reader Assignment for a review of your efforts! To really shake it up, work with Steve Dreyer and add the blur later using creative blur techniques in Photoshop and learn some cool shortcuts in Lightroom with Steve Anchell.

Keep your locations safe using GPS units from Canon and Nikon–Our cover photographer Lloyd Chambers helps you navigate safely through.

Are you looking for a real ‘try this at home’ project? Build a 4×5 camera with Tom Persinger or make folios to showcase your photographs like David Saffir does. Think about preserving and cataloging your collection of negatives–do you have as many as the Hockey Hall of Fame? Read the interview with Carl Chiarenza by Bob Hirsch.

Both portfolios in this issue are in black and white: Rick Lang discusses the importance of relationships and Ryota Kajita goes treasure hunting for ice formations in Alaska.

Talk about a snow day!

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