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In September, most kids look forward to new notebooks and pens, or maybe a calculator, but I always loved the paint and markers and paper—oh how I loved to have new drawing paper. Growing up it was a luxury item for sure. When I got older it was film and photographic paper, maybe a new ‘used’ camera too or a lens. Arcadia Rom-Frank’s photograph on page 48 brings up a fond ‘back to school’ memory, because for me the art room was always the happening place.

This issue marks my one-year anniversary as Editor of photo technique. Looking back over these seven issues (including this one) we published 75 articles by 55 different writers—with 48 of those writers new to the magazine. With a new Facebook page, launch of the new photo technique website, introduction of a Reader Assignment in each issue as well as an End page to showcase meaningful photographs, it’s been a busy year for sure.

With an emphasis towards more technique, keeping that ever so delicate balance between digital, traditional silver halide based photography and historic processes has been a welcome challenge. It’s been a pleasure meeting many of you and having discussions on Facebook, through email and at trade shows. Your comments and thoughts help shape the future of the magazine and I am grateful for your input, both positive and negative.

This fall, armed with a new box of crayons or notebook, an iPhone or an old beat- up camera with a fresh roll of film, embrace your tools and ideas and immerse yourself in photography—we will do the same here at photo technique.

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Wendy Erickson
Wendy Erickson is a photographer, writer and teacher. Her photographs and writings have been widely exhibited, and published in numerous books and articles. Wendy teaches photography at the University level and as Editor, is putting the technique back into photo technique Magazine.