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Influences and Vision

I bought two books the other day, Joyland, the new Hard Case Crime novel from Stephen King, and Camera Work, The Complete Photographs by Alfred Stieglitz, from Taschen, a book that should have been in my library but for some inexplicable reason was not. With words and photographs printed on actual paper, there really is something to holding and reading a good book. Of course I never met Alfred Stieglitz, but I did sit next to Stephen King once on a tiny plane bound for Bangor. I know both books are likely to influence my creative vision in one way or another. Of course I have no idea how or when this will happen, but it will.

Creative people (like you) are influenced by everything surrounding them—a color, a conversation, a movie, a trip or a book—in this issue you’ll get an inside look at how four photographers were inspired to approach their photography. Bob Hirsh interviews Keith Carter, A.D. Coleman writes about the life of Harold Feinstein, David H. Wells and Carl Weese discuss their personal projects. Their vision is different but they all have in common a similar drive to make important and compelling photographs.

On the technical side, Lloyd Chambers shares his tests on Zeiss Touit lenses for the Sony NEX and Fujifilm X cameras, Chris Tennant shows how to make better waterfall photographs, Steve Dreyer explores Alien Skin Exposure 5, Daniel L. Geiger gives advanced tips on Z-Stacking, John Reuter works with Chuck Close to make the presidential portrait on Polaroid and I tackle digital emulsion transfers.

There’s no better time to figure out what influences you and the photographs you make. You never know, inspiration might be sitting right next to you.

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Wendy Erickson is a photographer, writer and teacher. Her photographs and writings have been widely exhibited, and published in numerous books and articles. Wendy teaches photography at the University level and as Editor, is putting the technique back into photo technique Magazine.