Guillermo Giansanti

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“Yens to See”

“Evgen Bavcar, a blind artist who is actually one of the exponents of contemporary art, usually says that the world is not separated between blind and not blind people, “photography is not exclusivity of those who can see, we also construct internal images”, he says.

In “Yens to see”, when asking some blind people: “what would you like to see?”, I work with the concept of Bavcar, encourages my characters to practice the exercise of creation, revelations of inner images.

Unlike the path proposed by the French artist Sophie Calle, whom, when asking blind people “what’s your image of beauty?”, from the reply, constructs her own representation through an image built or selected by her. I take these people to the places chosen and works with all the sensory of the place, its sounds, smells, vibrations and temperatures – I build a collective photo, the inner image of the visually impaired externalized by the photographer, as a kind of organic prosthesis.”