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“I am always interested in photographing photographers photographing. They (we/I) often look so strange doing it, whether lying on the ground, bending over backwards in strange contortions when we really don’t have to, or stretching to greater heights to shoot our masterpieces.

At Coney Island, there was this photo booth (now long gone) that I’d often check out to see if anything interesting was happening. And this afternoon there was. At first, all I saw were the legs and that’s what intrigued me and that is what I photographed. I eventually saw more, but I’ll never tell.”

About the Author

Harvey Stein
HARVEY STEIN is a photographer, teacher, lecturer, curator and author of five books of photographs: Parallels: A Look at Twins (1978); Artists Observed (1986); Coney Island (1998); Movimento: Glimpses of Italian Street Life (2006) and his new book, Coney Island 40 Years, published in June 2011. He is the director of photography at Umbrella Arts Gallery and has curated/juried 20 exhibits since 2007. Stein’s photographs have been published in magazines such as The New Yorker, TIME, LIFE, Esquire, American Heritage, Smithsonian, Glamour, Forbes, Playboy and People. He is a faculty member at the International Center of Photography. Some of his work can be seen at harveysteinphoto.com and at coneyisland40years.com, the website devoted to his new book, Coney Island 40 Years, published in 2011 by Schiffer Publishing LTD. It includes the photograph featured on this page.