Kayce Baker

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Over Heavenly Over Heavenly

I knew I was heading up the mountain for the day but I wanted to travel light and I wanted to shoot film. I took the X-Pan with me as my backpack camera. It was dumping snow the whole day and I was watching these guys hit the park all afternoon. At around 3pm the skies opened up and sun just came barreling through to light up the whole mountain and lake. I knew what shot I wanted, now I just had to get the guys to hit the rail just right. I set the camera to F/11 @ 1/500th using Provia 100F film. I set my focus and I asked the boarder to go for it—this is the 3rd shot of 4—the feeling of getting a shot like this on one piece of film is so much more satisfying than I could ever explain. Needless to say, I was stoked!