Lexar Echo ZE

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When you download image files to your computer in the field, there is a dangerous time when, if you reformat your card im- mediately, those computer files are the only existing files of your work. Lexar has released the Echo ZE back-up drive to give you a small but powerful piece of insurance.

This USB drive measures approximately 7/8 inch encased. It sticks out of a laptop only about 1/4 inch when placed in the USB port. When you first use this plug and play drive, there is an application software for PC and MAC that allows you to select the specific type of files you want to back up, i.e., just your RAW format files. In many cases, the drive can just stay in the computer. From that point on, the backups are automatic. If you need to retrieve a file or files, simply select Restore, choose your files and destination, and click Restore.

The Echo ZE comes in 8, 16, and 32GB sizes. The files can be encrypted in case your drive is lost. You also get a free 2GB online backup space that makes a virtual copy of your drive as an additional backup. Additional backup space is also available for a fee ($69 per year for unlimited use or $34.99 for 30GB use). www.lexar.com